Every Day I'm Shuffling

Since I only have one and half thumbs, I find it impossible to do a standard riffle shuffle of cards. In most games requiring card shuffling, I usually just give my cards to Allyson to shuffle on my behalf.

When I started playing Magic, I needed to find a better way. I started sleeving my cards up for all of my decks using card protector sleeves. This enables me to do a mash shuffle without tearing up whatever cards I happen to be shuffling. I enjoy the tactile feel of shuffling sleeved cards so much that sometimes I just sit around shuffling my cards while I read or watch TV.

Tonight, I took my sleeving one step further. I looked at a standard deck of playing cards and thought, "I bet those would fit in my KMC hyper matte sleeves." Sure enough, they did. I have sleeved up a free deck of playing cards that someone literally threw off a float at St. Pete Pride.

I'm ready for any poker games that might randomly break out.