Fighting Against Structure

So that last post was really something right? Lots of poetic language there at the end. Really felt like I might be saying something profound, right? Never forget that I'm full of shit, and like all writers, I make mundane things sound so much more groundbreaking than they are.

I hate the way that the default theme in Ghost handles images. As mentioned, I don’t want to produce just one type of thing. Sometimes I want to post images. Sometimes I want to post text. Sometimes I want a mix of the two. My main complaint comes in with the main page of the site. It seems like post images are all that show on the front page. Except what I want is to post a standard image with alt text and a nifty caption underneath with relevant shit like camera settings or some other context, and post images don’t have any of that.

This whole problem could be avoided if this theme or some other theme would simply do the job of displaying the whole post on the front page with a convenient permalink in case someone wants to link to a specific article (or in case someone else is part of the RSS Mafia like me). Guess how many themes I’ve found that do that. (It’s zero.) So like, I guess I have to make a fucking theme if I want this. The only problem is that I’m extraordinarily lazy, and making my own Ghost theme just reeks of effort.

This is why people just host their shit on big blogging platforms. I should just go for the full-on internet crank vibe and just write my own custom HTML with each page as an artisanal, hand-crafted, bespoke hypertext document. But, you know, I should also take time each day to tell the damn kids to get off my lawn. That’s a form of self care, I think.