Managing Media

I’m not going to wander into analyzing personality here, but I think it’s important to note that I’m aware of how I’m wired and it’s something that I accept responsibility for managing.

I also think it means that I have to be extra careful about what and how I consume content, because if I’m not careful, it can leave me devastated and struggling to function. Additionally (file this under knowing thyself), I need a lot of thinking time and silence without any input to feel at my best. I am careful about the amount of content I read, watch, and listen to because prioritizing this need keeps me healthy and sane.

How I Manage My News Intake by Crystal Ellefsen

It can be hard for others to understand why I don’t enjoy shows like The Walking Dead, or why I prefer soothing games like Stardew Valley over the latest shooter. For me, consuming stressful media can lead to lingering feelings of unease and dark moods. I am so empathetic that, without even trying, I take on the moods of the people on the screen. This took me a long time to realize about myself, but figuring it out has made a huge difference in my life.

The specific challenges of this article aren’t the same as mine, but the struggle itself is very familiar.