Zen-style sitting meditation was always hard for me as well for slightly different reasons. Whereas the author of this piece seems to work better with meditation that incorporates motion, movement, and rhythm, for me, I do much better with guided meditation and visualization.

My brain is constantly running at frightening speeds, and it has been for as long as I've been having thoughts. Trying to simply focus my attention on my breath or a candle flame often causes my mind to act out and just start processing even harder. Visualization and imagination keep my mind occupied. Instead of thinking about what I need to be doing at the house or how I could build a new application in Python, I can focus my brain on picturing exactly how the grass and sky should look in my imagination or any of a thousand other details.

Focusing on a lot of details at once is the best way for my brain to step out of the way and let me connect to something bigger than myself.

How to Not Meditate by Thorn Mooney