For two months, however, I have been combating racism and homophobia being brought to my community. It has taken over my time I reserve for blogging and, in the past few weeks, sleep and self-care too. I've needed to step away from social media and the ugliness inside of people but then I remember that there are people who haven't been able to escape this every single day of their lives. Seems unfair that I can just pick and choose my fights. So I've continued to fight. I have coordinated with community leaders through multiple meetings, ensuring potential venues were aware of the situation and even being interviewed by local news outlets like The Star.

I want to thank Marietta for standing up and fighting. In pagan and witchy circles, it's imperative to stand against bigotry. Nature loves diversity. My own religious/spiritual path is a non-theistic one born out of a reverence for Nature, and diversity makes the ecosystem strong. Monocultures, whether in the realm of industrial farming or a proposed “white ethno-state,” are inherently fragile.

Racism and Homophobia in the KC Pagan Community: The Asatru Folk Assembly by Marietta Williams