What Is Antifa? A Scholar Of the Movement Explains

Disruption is necessary for social movements. It’s used precisely to make it clear that business as usual can’t move forward without some kind of change. In the end, the growing struggle between antifa and fascism is a material struggle that’s going to take place in the streets.

Trying to select a single pull quote from this article was extremely difficult, and I encourage you to go read the whole thing.

Some key take-aways in my mind:

  • Espousing racist beliefs openly in public should come with consequences. Otherwise, racist, xenophobic, and fascist views can metastasize and become much harder to excise from the body politic.
  • Punks are a little more prepared for this than the rest of the general public. We already fought this battle in our community.
  • Ignoring the problem will not solve the problem, no matter how much moderates and centrists would like for that to be true.

“What Is Antifa? A Scholar Of the Movement Explains” by Matthew Green