Wild Adventures at the Haskell Hacienda

While Allyson was getting coffee with friends, a high school girl came to my front door very upset. She was trying to sell magazines, but she just saw a baby raccoon fall out of a tree in our neighbor's yard. She asked me to come take a look.

When we got over there, she picked up the baby before I could get her to stop. The baby was so tiny that he still didn't have his eyes open. He was squealing loudly for his mom. I convinced the girl to please put the baby back so that the mom could come retrieve him. I got her to come back to my house and wash her hands. By this point, she was full-on bawling. I gave her a soda, promised to check on the baby to make sure his mom got him, and sent her on her way.

Well, an hour later, the baby was still there, and this time my neighbors and their toddler came over to see what we were looking at. Our neighbor picked up the baby to warm him while her husband got a cat carrier and a towel.

Several phone calls and an hour or so of raccoon sitting later, we finally got the baby in the hands of a professional. She assured us that raccoons are resilient and that he was just a little dehydrated. He's expected to make a full recovery.